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Auto Repair Milton

Milton Auto Repair

Finding a good mechanic can be difficult if you don’t know a friend or relative that you can trust to give you the right advice.  When you are looking for a auto repair technician in Milton there are many factors to consider.

What does their shop look like?

How many testimonials can you find?

What is the cost?

Look no further Milton!  Here are 10 ways that you can find an auto repair technician!

  1. Check Car Forums

What you learn: If you have a problem with your car, go online and ask for shop recommendations on a car forum specific to your car’s model or brand. Car forums are great for positive reviews, but be wary that it’s extremely easy for people to give trashy, unwarranted negative reviews over the Internet.

2. Check With Your Local Car Club

This is how you can be sure to get local advice. Get in contact with a local car club for your model or brand, and you’ll get reliable advice on what shops won’t rip you off and what shops will do the best work.

3. Look for any classics

If you go to check out a shop and you see a bunch of classic cars getting restored, you’ll know that the mechanics at the shop are dedicated and will probably do good work on your car.

4. Look at the shop’s appearance

Once you arrive at the shop there is a lot to see.  Do you see a bunch of people standing around?  Is there someone at the front desk?  What kind of cars are they servicing?  If they are nicer, more expensive cars they probably do better work than most.

5. Talk to the Auto Repair Technicians

It’s important to have a person working on your car in Milton who you can talk to easily and who you can trust. Talk to the mechanics at the shop and see if they’re good people. Moreover, you can get an idea about what the mechanics will be good at by their age. If they’re real experienced old guys, they’ll be able to handle the torqueflite on your big Chrysler, but they might be confused by your BMW’s ECU.

6. Find out what kind of parts they use

Most car parts brands sell both high and low end parts, so it’s hard to judge their quality at a glance. You should do your homework, however, to find out if you’re getting ripped off or not. A Haynes, Chilton, or dealer manual will tell you how much parts should cost and how much time a repair should take. This will let you look up parts prices and be sure you’re not getting charged double for your repairs.

7. Look for a high turnover auto repair business

Again, check the mechanic’s lot. Good signs are a large number of cars in healthy condition that regularly change. If you see half-repaired cars out front for weeks, go elsewhere.

8. Test the auto repair shop with a small job first

Many times if you let the technicians do a small job first you will be able to tell if they are going to take advantage of you.  Not knowing much about cars doesn’t matter with a small job, you will be able to google the simple parts they are using and see how much they cost online.  Once you do this you will know if they are trying to screw you.

9. Find An Auto Repair Shop In Milton That Specialises in Your Car

Obviously going to a BMW specialist to fix your 1999 Chevy isn’t ideal.  They will probably tell you to go elsewhere.  With more high end models you can usually find shops that will specialise in multiple brands such as Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Aston Martin, and Audi.

10. Ask A Friend

Almost everyone has had their car repaired in Milton so there must be someone that you know who has someone they trust with their wheels.  Ask around and see which auto repair technician sounds best for your needs.

If you are still struggling to find a trustworthy Auto Repair technician in Milton, go on to the next result.